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The introduction of Free Primary Education (FPE) by the Kenyan Government in 2003 led to an upsurge of school enrollments. The FPE has faced numerous challenges, including lack of adequate resources; crowded classrooms; and poor teacher student ratios. The Jubilee Government’s decision to pursue a free and compulsory basic education policy from 2013, accompanied with plans to ensure 100% transition from primary to secondary education, though most welcome, exacerbated the situation. In view of the financial weight in actualizing this, no state actors will have a big role to play. Kusoma International-LMEF is keen on making its contribution.

Kusoma International – Laurenti Mohochi Educational Foundation’s intervention will initially be in the following areas;



Kusoma – LMEF will work to raise funds to give scholarships to bright and poor students who would otherwise not have the opportunity to go to high school. The scholarships are tenable at high schools in Kenya.

Building a Library

As we began providing scholarships, we came to realize that it is equally important to support literacy in the community. The Kuria district has a population of 256,086 (2009 census) and an estimated 110 primary and secondary schools, but has no library or other facility in which children can freely access books or the Internet. For the community’s children to succeed academically, they need a place where they can study and learn.

To complete construction of the facility (see photos) and provide library services to the surrounding area. We hope to work with the community to establish reading programs and support student research. The library will include a community meeting room with Internet access.

You can help by making a donation to Kusoma International – LMEF. When the library launches, we will purchase books in Kenya to ensure that the collection meets the needs of local students and members of the community.


Mentorship and Community Service Program

We would like to see all of our scholars develop with a clear sense of community service and civic responsibility. We also wish to see them equipped with life skills and the ability to make career and other important decisions in life. To facilitate development of these traits in our scholars, we require them to participate in seminars as well as to complete a designated number of community service hours during the school holidays in April, August and December.

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