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Kenyan CDF grants funds to Kusoma for library roof

After a long period of communication between Kusoma International, the Kuria Committee, and the CDF (Constituency Development Fund — national fund that channels development resources to local electoral units), the CDF has decided to invest directly in the library project and have donated 300,000 Kenyan Shillings (approx. $3500 US dollars) towards the library building. This is great news for the organization as a whole, and of course for the next stage of the library construction!

The two districts of Kuria West and Kuria East are home to 260,401 residents and an estimated 30 schools but has absolutely no libraries or other educational facilities in which children can freely access books or the internet. For the community’s children to succeed academically, they need a place where they can study and learn.

The library project was a principle goal of the Kusoma International from its inception. The foundation of the library was completed in the Fall of 2012 and since then construction has steadily progressed. The library is located in a populated area of the district, neighboring several other local organizations. Overall, the catchment area has about 50,000 people. Throughout the construction process, Kusoma International’s Kuria Coordinating Committee (KCC) has worked closely with local community members.

The library building will be a site for local students to study, a community center for children and adults to enhance their learning, and will also serve as the official site where Kusoma International’s Mohochi Scholars will meet for their bi-annual seminars.

With the announcement of this generous donation from CDF, Kusoma International has also established a local library construction committee that includes more direct involvement of the local leadership. Part of the donated funds will be spent on finishing the building’s veranda walls and pillars. The rest of the funds will go towards construction of the roof. Together with some funds raised for the library project previously in the US, the majority of the roofing costs will be covered. Local and international fundraising will continue to provide the balance and ensure that roofing is completed in a timely manner.

The next stage after completion of the roof will be to begin work on the interior design of the space, and then to stock the library with books and computers.

Photos of the space while the walls were being completed are available here (photos of the roofing will posted as they are available):

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