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Mohochi Scholars complete final term with high marks

We are proud to share that all our students have surpassed the minimum grade requirement for participation in the Kusoma scholarship program.  Each of the 5 current students achieved a B- or better and placed in the top 20% of their class for the third term ending in November 2013.  These students are in very competitive schools hence we are not worried at all by their current scores.  It’s really great news from Sangai.  Awesome achievement, Mohochi Scholars!  Keep up the good work!

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Kenyan CDF grants funds to Kusoma for library roof

After a long period of communication between Kusoma International, the Kuria Committee, and the CDF (Constituency Development Fund — national fund that channels development resources to local electoral units), the CDF has decided to invest directly in the library project and have donated 300,000 Kenyan Shillings (approx. $3500 US dollars)

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