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Report: Kusoma hosts spring workshop for Mohochi scholars

We had a workshop as scheduled on April 11th and 12th at Isibania Border Point Lodge (Kuria District) with 6 of the 8 scholars in attendance. Apart from sharing their experiences in school during the first term, and discussing their academic performance, we had 2 invited guests talk to them. The scholars undertook two hours of community service. They slashed and did general cleaning at the library site.

The highlight of the workshop was perhaps the Skype chat that we had between the scholars and 10th grade students from Pinewood High school in California. We had two different 10th grade students, taught by Bonnie Traymore, talk to our scholars at different times. The scholars enjoyed asking questions and answering those that were asked by the American kids.

This was also the time that Robert and Clinton, our 2014 scholars, were officially introduced to the rest of the team. They were both very happy to join the Kusoma family. They look very promising young men.


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Mohochi Scholars complete final term with high marks

We are proud to share that all our students have surpassed the minimum grade requirement for participation in the Kusoma scholarship program.  Each of the 5 current students achieved a B- or better and placed in the top 20% of their class for the third term ending in November 2013.

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